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Moving From Me to We

Me to We

What is the identity that encompasses the whole of who you are? And what happens when you plug that identity into something bigger than yourself? Where do you call home? Where are we on mission together? What happens when a group of people on mission for Christ are united? There’s a bigger story for all …

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Early Learning Center Essentials

One of the main elements of The New Normal Project is to create a weekday program for kids. We’re calling it the Early Learning Center and here are some of the essential elements of the program itself: Early Learning Center Essentials [PDF]

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July 2011 Update

Things have been moving quickly around here, so we thought we’d take a few minutes to tell you about it. The July Update [PDF] is not only packed full of chatter about The New Normal Project, but has the insider information on specifics like the total number of pledges and milestones we’ve reached so far. …

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