Why We Changed Our Name – The Granger Commons Story

What’s in a name? A lot actually – and that’s why we’ve changed ours. Granger Community Church is no longer located at the Granger Campus, but is now one of multiple sites at Granger Commons. Since the shift, we’re starting to get a few questions.

What’s with the name change? You may think this is a mere rename or simple semantics, but it isn’t. It’s a big step in our 2016 Vision to Raise the BAR. What seems like a subtle difference is actually a seismic shift. It’s changing how we think and how we live, with Christ at the center. We’re activating the campus to become a gathering place for our community. The sacred meets the secular in this space for everyone.

What’s with The Eatery and Reads & Things? It’s another integral part in creating spaces for people to meet and live life in, including you. Whether you go to our church, another church, or no church at all, you’re welcome at Granger Commons.

This is exciting stuff! I want more details about the change. You know, the backstory. I’ll bet you do! But, this is a blog post and we need to keep it short. Here’s a little workaround, below are some links to the backstory you’re looking for. Win. Win.

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